Meet Susanna | Blue Frog Pilates

Meet Susanna

I am a fully certified Pilates teacher and teacher trainer through the Physicalmind Institute. I opened Blue Frog 5 years ago after finding that there was a need for a studio that not only  teaches great Pilates but is not afraid to think out of the box. I realize that no two bodies are the same and Pilates is an amazing exercise system that can can either challenge an elite athlete or help a physical therapy patient find their way back to health, 
how amazing is that!

I first became involved in health and fitness when diagnosed as a teenager with Scoliosis. 
I have always searched for non-surgical answers to keep me strong and pain free. I found 
exercise to be key in keeping my back healthy and pain free but some exercise actually
exacerbated my scoliosis pain. Then I found Pilates, which has changed how I view exercise 
entirely. I have more than 20 years experience in health and fitness, training individuals and
groups. I find that a combination of Pilates along with other modalities will get the best results
for my clients. I love the diversity of training all levels of clients, including people coming out of 
physical therapy, professional athletes, moms and moms to be. It is truly rewarding to 
teach people to take back their lives. After teaching Pilates for over 12 years I am 
continually amazed how Pilates, an exercise system developed almost 80 years ago, 
can change a person’s life. It is an exercise system that is continually progressing 
as the modern world learns more about how the human body functions.

I am fortunate to have studied with several gifted Pilates teachers and 
Physical Therapists who can have helped me put the science and the 
art of Pilates together. I live in Annapolis with my husband and four 
children + 2 dogs. I encourage my family to live a healthy lifestyle, so 
you may spot me running, biking or walking with my kids through Annapolis.