Praise | Blue Frog Pilates


The better shape you are in the less you have to spend on your clothes
– Blue Frog Client

For the first time in 10 years I am doing something for me. Finding Blue Frog has been a gift. Susanna and Emily took my basic knowledge from previous mat work and now have me addicted to the reformer and improving in each class. I feel amazing. It has a permanent spot in my calendar!
– Amy Richardson

As a Physical Therapist treating patients with complex, multiple orthopedic and neurologic issues including the adolescent and adult scoliosis patient to high level athletes and all types of post- surgical rehabilitation and injuries, I have trusted Susanna Chase and Blue Frog Pilates. For many years she has worked with my patients to provide safe, comprehensive, science based Pilates based exercise to successfully enhance, augment and facilitate their optimal recovery, fitness and health goals. Her attention to detail, professionalism and ability to collaborate care are excellent and second to none
– Brenda Shaeffer, PT, DPT

Pilates and specifically Pilates with Susanna and Jane is the best thing I’ve done for myself since having kids. I’m stronger and more fit now than I was in my 20′s! I recently went through cancer treatments and I know it would have been a lot harder on my body (and mind) had I not been keeping up with my pilates workouts. Susanna has a keen sense of awareness of her clients’ strengths and limitations. Studio time is always challenging, fun and energizing.
-Tricia Mayo

In 2007 I started working with Susanna while I was already currently going through an apparatus training as a Pilates Instructor in D.C. I instantly became attached to every word she would teach and learned quickly that she was a valuable source of information. I became very fond of Susanna as a friend and teacher. She helped me get through my training and if I lived closer, I would be at Blue Frog Studio weekly! I continue my additional education with her and any workshops she holds as I trust her as a professional fully and completely. The studio has a warming atmosphere, conveniently located, and one can count on true Pilate professionals at Blue Frog.
– Meg Mcneely

I came to Blue Frog two years ago with multiple back and neck problems. Working with Susanna since then has made me much stronger and I’m sure has helped prevent more injuries. In my observation of her, Susanna has an extraordinary depth of knowledge about using pilates to repair and prevent a range of structural problems.
– Lee Finney

I first met Susanna Chase several years ago after receiving the news from my doctor that I would probably need back surgery with no guarantee of the success of the surgery. Thanks to Susanna’s patience, professionalism, friendship and amazing knowledge of training people with special needs”, I am truly a new & better person. Everyday, I marvel at my progress and the strength emotionally and physically that I have developed.
– Gail Feirstein-Frieman

“My dear friend and Pilates partner took a picture of my butt this weekend just because Susanna has made it look so good!”.
– Blue Frog Client